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Spine Chill: Recent CAP Ventures print buyer survey makes me wonder <a href="http://printing-in-china.net/">cheap printing solutions</a> <a href="http://printing-in-china.net/label-printing.html">Label Printing</a> Xeikon will likely be showing its new Folding Carton Suite at drupa. Based on its 3000 series presses, this solution provides an end-to-end solution for folding carton production, including 5-color printing at approximately 63 fpm. The company has also developed the Xeikon FDU (Flatbed Die-Cut Unit). This operates at 2000 sheets hourly using a maximum die cut size 19.2 x 27.6 inches. It is capable of supporting 160 to 890 micron thickness including microflute corrugated. It is meant to quickly and accurately automatically register the sheets for cutting and creasing without time-consuming set ups. ,Difference in Revenue Trends Among General Commercial Printers vs. Digital Commercial Printers
Quality -- I comprehend it when I find it. ,<a href="http://printing-in-china.net/Paper-Gift-Printing.html">Paper Gift</a> <a href="http://printing-in-china.net/Book-Printing.html">Book Printing</a>

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Slow is Not a Recession; USPS Shipments Down <a href="http://printing-in-china.net/">print solutions</a> <a href="http://printing-in-china.net/office-supplies.html">Office Supplies</a> Paul McCarty, Director, digitalLogic ( Australia ) ,Digital Technology Vendors Will Save the Newspaper Industry
To serve foreign currency trading, MBO America are going to be duplicating its automated book production system, shown at On Demand in Philadelphia. As part with the Xerox CF Multiplex Line, MBO will fold and accumulate signatures utilizing the Palamides alpha500, which runs on the mark reader to monitor production, then feed them in to a Muller Martini perfect binder. MBO is going to be showing two B-21 8-page units. ,<a href="http://printing-in-china.net/Paper-Gift-Printing.html">Paper Gift</a> <a href="http://printing-in-china.net/label-printing.html">Label Printing</a>